Android Engineer

We are looking for an Android Engineer to join our team.

You will be working with our members across the world to improve our service and develop new services. At Quipper, you will have a chance to strengthen your skills you need; you will be working with our excellent members.​ ​ You can also brush up your English, as you will be working with our global team.
Job Description You will develop Android native applications for Quipper’s learning service.

Quipper provides an Android version of Study Sapuri, a learning service that is recognized by more than 70% of Japanese high school students (we’ve run TV commercials as well), for individual users and schools. Receiving direct feedback from our users, we explore our solutions, work on product design, develop, and put it into production every week, with our Product Managers.

In addition, you will be creating a native app experience and developing new services for the fast-growing overseas markets, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico and so on.

Our app engineers have been gaining their PDCA-cycle experience at major Internet service companies​ such as Google. If you are an Android Engineer who can come up with solutions and products, voice your opinions, design and develop while cooperating with our global product team, please join our team!


Required Qualifications

・​Self-motivated character​ ​to plan​ ​and work on product design on your own.
・​Experience in delivering improvement in to-Consumer services.
・​Experience in developing Android apps using Java and Kotlin.

Preferred Qualifications

・You share your knowledge​ ​on blogs, GitHub or other online community as a software developer.
・ Ability to design and plan while keeping UI and UX in mind.
・ Experience in developing applications with Web API.
・ Experience with creating Unit / UI test using Robolectric, JUnit, and Mockito.
・ Communication skills in English (Business-level reading/writing skills are desirable. Speaking could be basic.)
・ Ability to design and write performant code
・ Experience in developing Offline Mobile Applications

Technologies and tools used at Quipper:
Java, Android Studio, Retrofit2, OKHttp3, RxJava2, ExoPlayer, Circle CI, Sketch, Jenkins, Slack, Github, etc.

Benefits ・Flexible working schedule
・Competitive compensation
・Health/medical insurance
・Paid leave
・Company-sponsored social activities
・Free location policy (support for working temporarily from global offices)

Check out Quipper Product team’s blog: