Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Join us to pursue your career bringing reliability as SRE and your interests at Quipper!
Job Description The learning services that use Quipper’s products, such as Quipper Video, Quipper School, Study Sapuri (online tutorial videos for students from elementary school to university who are preparing for their entrance exams), are expanding more than ever in Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Mexico.

At Quipper, our SRE team’s mission is to maintain the stability and reliability of these services and keep them easy to develop.

In addition to building and monitoring our infrastructure and troubleshooting , our SRE team continuously configures and updates our service, focusing especially on using public clouds and SaaS, automating, and using Open source software.
  • Utilizing Public Clouds and SaaS
    • Quipper’s services are currently built on AWS and GCP.
    • We actively use SaaS for non-core parts for our service.
      • Datadog for monitoring, SendGrid for mailing, and Sentry for tracking errors.
  • Infrastructure as Code (Coding and Automation)
    • We build our infrastructure using tools like Terraform and Ansible as much as possible to create codes and automate
  • Utilizing Open Source Software
    • We use various open source software such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Fluentd, Deis, Kubernetes to support our service
    • We encourage our engineers to actively get involved in the open source community by reporting issues if needed and creating plug-ins, rather than just using it.
  • Writing codes
    • Our SREs actively write codes.
The description above are simply examples of what our SRE does. As our SRE, you can change the scope of your job depending on your skills and ability, and there is no restriction as long as you manage our service reliably. And that is what makes SRE’s job most exciting here at Quipper. If needed, you will be able to write codes with application engineers, discuss the infrastructure for the next generation with our CTO, try prototypes, and test new tools and middleware, regardless of your situation or team at the moment.

Required Qualifications

・Sympathy with our engineering style and our mission to be “Distributors of Wisdom” and revolutionize the way learning opportunities are distributed.
・Communication skills to work as part of our team.
・Experience with using and maintaining automation and configuration management tools on public clouds (either AWS, GCP, or Azure).
・ Experience with writing codes besides Shell Script.

Preferred Qualifications

・Experience in programming in Ruby.
・Experience in designing own service which is specialized for clouds.
・Experience in building and maintaining a web app (it could be a personal/hobby project.)
・Experience in building data analytics infrastructure.
・Communication skills in English (Business-level reading/writing skills are desirable. Speaking could be basic.)

Benefits ・Flexible working schedule
・Competitive compensation
・Health/medical insurance
・Paid leave
・Company-sponsored social activities
・Free location policy (support for working temporarily from global offices)

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