Instructional Designer (Scriptwriter)

Job Description
  • Be in charge of creating high-quality scripts and storyboards for video production.
    • Mass video production: work with content experts and creatives to adapt text-based lessons into scripts and storyboards.
    • Experimental video production:
      • participate in ideation with producer,
      • produce scripts and work with creatives to produce storyboards
      • follow closely throughout production to ensure the quality of script execution in final products.
  • Bachelor’s Degree (B.S./B.A.) in Instructional Design or similar fields from top universities / institutions.
  • Extensive experience in script writing and storyboarding for video production.
  • Passion for, and extensive experience in the education field in the Philippines, specifically
    • Teaching (K-12 preferred)
    • Training (professional/ corporate/teacher training)
    • Coaching and training
  • Experience in conducting users’ research
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to lead (people, projects, initiatives)
  • Ability to collaborate and work across different departments/ functions
  • Experience working in online learning industry in a similar position, with a proven track record of
    • Exceeding expectation
    • Spearheading improvement/innovation.
Work Arrangement:
  • Output-based
  • Flexitime; home-based
  • Project-based contract
  • communication and file sharing through email, chat, SMS and calls