Video Production Assistant

Job Description
  • Provide assistance before/during/and after the video shoot (before, during, after)
  • Prepare and coordinate props, location, guests, wardrobe, outside of studio shoots
  • Research/sources images and video materials needed by creatives like going to museums, institutions, etc.
  • Assist creatives team with researching and acquiring necessary visual materials
  • Preferably with experience in video production work (pre-prod, prod, post-prod)
  • Flexible with working hours
  • Experience in coordinating various requirements for video projects
  • Background in research is a plus
  • Educational background in film or video production, multimedia, mass communication, communication arts
  • Preferably has experience using Content Management System or Learning Management System.
  • Manage deadline and schedule.
  • Positive results-oriented mind.
  • Has good oral and written English communication skills

Work Arrangement
  • Output-based
  • Flexitime; home-based
  • Project-based contract
  • communication and file sharing through email, chat, SMS and calls