[Press Release] New Solution to Learning in A Fun Way from Quipper Video

Jakarta, 14 November 2015 – Now the twelve graders can study and ready themselves for the final exams and the test to enter their dream universities.

Press Release

New Solution to Learning in A Fun Way from Quipper Video

 Now the twelve graders can study and ready themselves for the final exams and the test to enter their dream universities

Jakarta, 14 November 2015 – The final exams for twelve graders from the state-owned or private school in Indonesia are soon approaching and gradually the final exams have made them feel anxious and stressed. Many have prepared their very best, so they will receive the best marks to pass the exams. Moreover, with the National Exams (Ujian Nasional) has been implemented to determine their graduation, the stress is getting more obvious, not only felt by the students, but also their parents.

How stressful and anxious the final exams and what kind of anxieties felt by      the students as well as their parents, and what kind of preparation that is best taken by the parents in preparing their children to pass the final exams, the National Exams and the test to enter the universities, known as SeleksiBersamaMasukPerguruan Tinggi (SBMPTN) today was discussed during the launch of Quipper Video, an e-learning solution. The discussion taken place in the Auditorium Gold CGV Blitz, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

The discussion was attended by Tri Nuraini, Marketing Manager Quipper, Ltd.,RoslinaVerauli, a psychology expert who has shown her concerns in the area of education and teenagers, Ferry Muhammad Isnaeni, Tutor for Math at Quipper Video, and Emma, a 12 grader student who has been a subscriber of Quipper Video. The discussion held at the same day of the launch of Quipper Video and its marketing campaign which is marked by the airing of a TVC produced specially for the Indonesia market starting today, as well several other activities in mass media and social media.

“At the second semester of the new learning year, the twelve grade students normally have to start preparing themselves tor the exams which usually takes place in April and also the preparation for the SMBPTN or the entrance test to the state universities,” explained Tri Nuraini, Marketing Manager-  Quipper, Ltd. “Parents are also more stern and strict in observing the way their children study at home, along normally parents make new rules which their children have to obey.”

Asides from joining the additional classes at school and at home, every student will also start considering of joining a study group assisted by professionals which have been existed in big cities in Indonesia, mostly. All for the hope they will have enough ammunition to answer the questions of the final exams and the test to enter the universities.

“What matters is do they ready to do all the preparations, also do the parents understand what their children have to go through during the process. We cannot turn a blind eye that the twelve graders still have some other extra-curriculum activities and other program according to their talents and interests, and not to mention, their social lives as teenagers,” added RoslinaVerauli, who have assisted several teenagers pertaining their issues, including issues in studying.

“If their parents made very strict rules, although they are made for a good and positive objective, I am afraid that their children will be more stressed and in the long run, will make them feel lazy to study and carry on with all the preparations,” she added.

“The best approach would be for the parents to discuss openly with their children on how to handle the situation and together set the same objective and targets, what kind of preparation their children need to embark according to their capabilities. Furthermore, both can develop a set of reward and punishments scheme, for the children also for the parents, should each party fail to obey the rules that they have agreed together,” suggested Roslina.

“It is a normal practice that the teachers in every school provide additional classes outside of the school hours, also many professionals organizations offer learning and study assistance. Some even conduct a Trial Test or Trial Exams to give the students a sample of questions that will be asked on the final exams. Every student can join obviously. But, do the parents have the ability to spend extra budget for all those activities, and do their children have the time to do those activities, considering the busy schedules and the traffic problems in big cities which often robbing everybody’s time.”

Quipper understands how stressful it is for the children and how anxious the parents can be in anticipating the situation, especially those twelve graders, and last but not least, for the schools, since their reputation will also be in stake and often judged by how much percentage of their twelve grade students can pass the exams.

“We introduce and launches Quipper Video whose website address is http://video.quipper.com in Indonesia to address the anxiety and stress that the students and their parents as well as the schools have to bear when the final exams are nearing,” revealed Tri. “E-learning platform we use, we are sure will provide a new solution for the students of twelve grade in prepare themselves for the final exams as well as the test to enter the universities.”

“Onlineplatform which we use will give the students a convenience and facility to study each material anywhere and anytime, allowing them to manage their schedule freely. And for sure, it will save more time and energy since they are not obliged to go to a certain place to study after schools.”

Quipper Video have been introduced in Indonesia through a soft-launch since August 2015, during which Quipper has successfully attracted thousands ofsubsribers. The contents that Quipper offers consist of ten studies among others are Bahasa Indonesia, Math, Science, and Social Studies. All in total contained in 220 hours of video materials, 1000 topics and more than 4000 questions for the students to exercise, which we continuously added on a regular basis. The number is increasing and added regularly. All topics and materials delivered by experienced teachers in each study, and have their own unique and individual character to deliver the study through video attractively and interactively, so that the students who watch the video will feel that they are in the real class ambience.

“Today, we are ready to launch Quipper Video in Indonesia, to provide an alternative learning and studying solution for the twelve grade students to ready themselves in anticipating the final exams as well as upon their joining the test to enter their dream university,” explained Tri.

Ferry Muhammad Isnaeni, one of the Quipper Video’s tutors, who’s been already involved in producing the materials for the study of Math also shared his comment, ”As a teacher, everyday I have always been encountered my students who feel worries about the final exams.

“Their concerns normally evolves around have they absorbed and learned what their teachers deliver in class as well as have they re-study optimally the subjects at home. So, as a teacher and a tutor in Quipper Video, I feel challenged to assist them wisely when they are studying, not only upon the selection of topics and subjects, but also in creating and searching for ideas on how the videos can help them study optimally.”

Sharing his experience in studying with Quipper Video, Emma a student of 12 grade in Jakarta said “I have subscribed Quipper since the month of September 2015, and I have felt assisted by the solution and benefit it offers, that allowing me to learn effectively and efficiently, but I can still have the time to spend my times doing other activities.” “The videos manage to make me feel I am in the real class and glued to study through online with the schedule that I and my parents set together.”

“This what makes Quipper Video interesting. Through online platform, students can study under the observation of their parents when they access the videos at home. Parents may have the ability to watch and remind their children on when to study and access Quipper Video through their laptop. And when their children are busy doing other activities, parents may have the opportunity to remind their children to study,” added Roslina.

Upon closing the discussion, Tri added that “We do hope that Quipper Video can be the alternative solution for many of twelve graders as well as their parents in Indonesia. Moreover, we hope that our e-learning solution will receive a warm welcome from the parents and the education enthusiasts in Indonesia, because we are planning to expand the materials in Quipper Video in the future, to be able to cater to any grades.”


About Quipper, Ltd.

Quipper Video is e-learning solution for students of twelve grade, developed by Quipper, Ltd. in 2010, a technology company whose main office is in London. Carries the motto “Distributors of Wisdom” Quipper shares its concerns and cares towards the education and believes in its mission of enabling every student anywhere, including Indonesia to obtain optimal access to education as well as to the education materials which they learn at school. Quipper, Ltd operates in five countries, with representative offices available in Tokyo, Manila, Mexico City and Jakarta with 120 staffs who share the same enthusiasm in expanding digital-based education materials. Quipper Video launched in Indonesia in 2015, as the first market of the e-learning solution developed by Quipper, Ltd.  

Quipper, Ltd previously has developed and introduced Quipper School in Indonesia in 2014, it is a free online platform which allows teachers and students to exchange school tasks and homeworks through a convenient method. Quipper School has attracted more than one million users. Quipper School and Quipper Video are breakthrough in education field and expectedly can assist the teaching and learning process in Indonesia effectively.

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