[Press Release] Effective and Optimized Learning, The Key to Be Successful in Final Exams and The University Entry Test

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Effective and Optimized Learning, The Key to Be Successful in Final Exams and The University Entry Test

Students from Various Area in Indonesia Show their Readiness to Face the UN and SBMPN Test By Winning Quipper Video Challenge

Jakarta, 27 February 2016 – Quipper Video – an online e-learning solution – recently held an activity that allows the 12 graders to practice some materials and questions,  through Quipper Video Challenge. This activity is essentially an online competition where every students across the nation may enter to participate, held from the 1st through 7th of February 2016.

Today, Quipper Video announced which students and which schools who have managed to answer the challenge offered by Quipper Video. For the school category, high schools in Banten, Makassar and Lombok won the highest scores and eligible to win the prizes prepared for the winners, while for the students category, the winner is a student from Cilegon, Banten.

“The challenge that the participants had to answer in Quipper Video Challenge was already matched with the questions that normally asked during the final exams and the university entry test,” said Tri Nuraini, Marketing Manager, Quipper Ltd. “And, it is shown that most of the participants managed to answer the questions correctly and fast. This proves their readiness in anticipating the important moment towards their higher education.”

Quipper Video Challenge itself featured 100 questions from 10 topics and 3 different subjects. All had to be answered and finished by the participants in 300 minutes (means 30 minutes per topic), through online by accessing their own Quipper Video accounts. For those who have not subscribed Quipper Video, they all were given the opportunity to subscribe by visiting https://video.quipper.com/id until the end of the competition. The judgment was based on the accuracy and speed in answering the questions. Asides from Individual, Quipper Video Challenge also ran a challenge for schools in Indonesia, which was evaluated based on the number of participants and accummulated score which can be achieved in every school.

“It was quite surprising to learn that the first winner is the school in Banten, West Java, and eastern part of Indonesia, they are SMAN 2 Krakatau Steel Cilegon, Banten, SMAN 1 Bolo in Bima, Nusa Tenggara Barat, and SMAN 1 Bulukumba, South Sulawesi,” added Tri. “This also show their readiness to pass the UN and enter the University of their dream.”

Quipper Video facilitates every subscriber to learn and practice their study, through videos which available online, featuring tutorials from various contents which includes Bahasa Indonesia, Math, Sciences, and Social Sciences in more than 400 hours of video, 1720 topics and more than 7600 problems to practice. Those numbers are kept increasing gradually. For more information on Quipper Video can be obtained through https://video.quipper.com/id.

Rimadhonna Via Sholihati, a 12 grader from SMAN 2 Krakatau Steel Cilegon was in presence to receive the prize for her won in Quipper Video Challenge said, “It was fun to practice and learn through online using Quipper Video. That made me understand any formula from Physics, because I could watch the tutorial video over and over again. Should I do asks more questions in school, I will be ashamed, thinking of what my friends ought to say about me.”

“And, from the 100 questions in the tests, I could be at the first rank. This makes me more confidence in anticipating the UN and SBMPTN,” she added.

Following its launch in November 2015, currently there are more than 10,000 students from 12 grades already subscribed Quipper Video. The distribution of Quipper Video’s fans are spread across Indonesia, with most of them coming from Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan.

“After I looked closely at the content in Quipper Video, I could understand how the students feel strongly assisted by Quipper Video, especially in understanding the topic which they have not really grasped,” explained Wiwin Hastuti, a teacher from SMAN 2 Krakatau Steel, Cilegon. “Besides, with all the questions and tests to practice, students can practice diligently, on their own, or with the study group.”

Learning from the positive response from the students as well as from their parents who want to subscribe Quipper Video in anticipating the final exams, at this moment, Quipper Video has also launched the content for 9th graders, featuring four studies; Math, Bahasa Indonesia, English and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

“Such addition is based on our observation that more and more students below 12 graders and their parents have heard about how the features in Quipper Video and how attractive the content is,” said Tri.

“So, congratulations to the winners of Quipper Video Challenge. I wish all the winners were here and be with us today. To the students, I do hope that the content in Quipper Video will keep on challenging you to study more and learn, practice more, so that you can prepare best to anticipate the UN and SBMPTN.”

About Quipper, Ltd.

Quipper Video is e-learning solution for students of twelve grade, developed by Quipper, Ltd. in 2010, a technology company whose main office is in London. Carries the motto “Distributors of Wisdom” Quipper shares its concerns and cares towards the education and believes in its mission of enabling every student anywhere, including Indonesia to obtain optimal access to education as well as to the education materials which they learn at school. Quipper, Ltd operates in five countries, with representative offices available in Tokyo, Manila, Mexico City and Jakarta with 120 staffs who share the same enthusiasm in expanding digital-based education materials. Quipper Video launched in Indonesia in 2015, as the first market of the e-learning solution developed by Quipper, Ltd.

Quipper, Ltd previously has developed and introduced Quipper School in Indonesia in 2014, it is a free online platform which allows teachers and students to exchange school tasks and homeworks through a convenient method. Quipper School has attracted more than one million users. Quipper School and Quipper Video are breakthrough in education field and expectedly can assist the teaching and learning process in Indonesia effectively.


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Tri Nuraini   

Marketing Manager Quipper, Ltd.


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PR Strategist



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