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Schedule, Registration Information, and 2021 SBMPTN UTBK Requirements

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Halo Quipperian, do you already know the schedule, registration info, and the 2021 UTBK and SBMPTN requirements?

Even though this selection is routinely carried out every year, make sure you keep updated with the latest information, because there could be some new provisions that are different from the previous year.

So, for the SBMPTN fighters, you have to read this article until it’s finished, because on this occasion the Quipper Blog will give you complete information about registration, implementation, announcements, and the complete SBMPTN 2021 schedule. See the explanation below! 

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UTBK and SBMPTN 2021 Registration

This year, the UTBK registration process is carried out simultaneously with the SBMPTN registration. So, even though you haven’t taken UTBK and know the results, you already have to determine the course and college you choose from the start.

Unlike the previous year, where UTBK and SBMPTN were registered separately. You can do UTBK and SBMPTN registration starting March 15-April 1, 2021, with the following stages:

  • Register your LTMPT account, using NISN, NPSN, and date of birth.
  • Log in using your username / email and password to the page: LTMPT portal
  • select the menu Verification and Validation of Student Data. Then, fill in your bio, upload a recent color photo, and verify the bio.
  • Select the UTBK Registration menu. Select the location of the UTBK PTN center, the type of exam, and the exam session to get a payment slip.
  • Make a payment at the bank (Bank Mandiri, BNI, BTN, or BRI). Use a payment slip and must be done no later than 1 × 24 hours.
  • Log back into the LTMPT portal page. Choose UTBK Registration to print UTBK participant cards.
  • Participating in UTBK according to the day, date, session, and location of the selected PTN UTBK Center.

You need to pay attention, for students who have been accepted in the SNMPTN selection, they can’t take the UTBK SBMPTN!

Requirements for UTBK 2021 participants

  1. Have an LTMPT Account.
  2. Class 12 SMA/MA/SMK students in 2021 or Package C students in 2021 with a maximum age of 25 years (as of 1 July 2021).
  3. High school/MA/SMK/the same level graduates in 2019 and 2020 or Package C graduates in 2019 and 2020 with a maximum age of 25 years.
  4. Terms of examinees :
    • Participants who will choose the Science and Technology study program, then follow the TPS and TKA Engineering.
    • Participants who will choose the Soshum study program, then follow the TPS and TKA Soshum.
    • Participants who will choose the Mixed study program (Saintek and Soshum) then follow the TPS, Science and Technology TKA and Soshum TKA.
  5. The 2021 UTBK results are only valid for receipts in 2021.
  6. Pay the 2021 UTBK fee.
    • The Saintek / Soshum exam group pays IDR 200,000.
    • Mixed Examination Group (Saintek and Soshum) of IDR 300,000.

The requirements for the 2021 SBMPTN participants

  1. SMA/MA/SMK/the same level graduates in 2019, 2020 must already have a diploma. For high school graduates with High school graduate or equivalent overseas, they must have a diploma that has been equivalent.
  2. Follow and have a 2021 UTBK score.
  3. Have adequate health so that it does not interfere with the smoothness of the study process.
  4. Have good health so that it doesn’t interfere with the process of study. 
  5. Each student is allowed to choose two study programs at one PTN or one study program each at two PTNs.Pelaksanaan UTBK

All UTBK 2021 participants must take the test according to the day, date, session, and location of the selected PTN UTBK center. This test is carried out in 2 batches, each batch for 7 days (Monday-Sunday), and every day there are 2 test sessions (morning and afternoon).

  1. Batch 1: 12-18 April 2021
  2. Batch 2: 26 April-2 May 2021

Here is the schedule for the implementation of UTBK 2021:

Exam Group Schedule of test
Saintek / Soshum Morning Session
  • TPS: 07.15-09.00 WIB (105 minute)
  • TKA: 09.00-10.30 WIB (90 minute)

Afternoon Session

  • TPS: 13.00-14.45 WIB (105 minute)
  • TKA: 14.45-16.15 WIB (90 minute)
  • TPS: 07.15-09.00 WIB (105 minute)
  • TKA Saintek: WIB (90 minute)
  • TKA Soshum: 11.55-13.25 WIB (90 minute)

You need to remember Quipperian, that there is no lag time between the TPS and TKA tests for the Saintek or Soshum group. Meanwhile, for the Mixed group, there was a time lag between the first TKA test and the second TKA.

Even though the test starts at 7:15 a.m., make sure you are ready at least 30 minutes before. Why? Because there is a process of checking identity and documents, and practice, before the test start. You also need to pay attention that all of these tests are carried out in the month of Ramadan. So, make sure your body condition remains fit, even though you are fasting.

Besides that, at the time of implementation you also need to ensure the following:

  1. High school/MA/SMK/the same level graduates in 2019, 2020, are required to bring a diploma.
  2. SMA/MA/SMK/the same level graduated in 2021 bring a Student Identity Certificate from the school, at least contains the latest identity information and color photo, signed by the principal and given a valid stamp.

UTBK 2021 material is divided into two, that is the Scholastic Potential Test (TPS) and the Academic Competency Test (TKA). TPS measures cognitive abilities that are considered important for success in formal schools, particularly in higher education.

The TPS that will be tested are General Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Ability, General Knowledge and Comprehension as well as the Ability to Comprehend Reading and Writing. Quantitative Ability will include Knowledge and Mastery of Basic Mathematics. At the TPS, some questions were presented in English.

Meanwhile, TKA measures the knowledge and understanding of lessons that will be taught in schools and is necessary for a person to be successful in pursuing higher education. TKA also measures cognitive abilities that are directly related to the content of subjects studied in school. The emphasis of the test is on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

Announcement of 2021 SBMPTN Results

This is the moment you are most waiting for, that is the announcement of the results SBMPTN 2021. Please note carefully, this announcement will be announced on June 14, 2021 at 15.00 WIB.

That is the UTBK SBMPTN 2021 schedule, and registration information, requirements, and implementation. How are you preparing for the 2021 SBMPTN? Even though it is still in a pandemic condition, and learning is done remotely (online), do not dampen your enthusiasm to be able to continue higher education. Keep up the Quipperian spirit, and hope you get accepted to the college you want!

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