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You’re Unique! Increase Your Potential with Quipper’s Multiple Intelligences Test

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“Unique! That’s what you are.”

Do you know where those lyrics above come from? They are the lyrics from a song by Beyoncé entitled ‘Alien Superstar’. These words also apply to you, Quipperian! You are unique too. In fact, every single person on this planet is unique in their own right. No one is exactly the same as the others. This is why you have to embrace your uniqueness. Do not let anyone else dictate what you should be because you are inherently yourself!

People tend to compare themselves to others. They always think that the grass always looks greener on the other side. If you often do this too, then stop! We are all unique in our way and you do not need to compare yourself to others in order to feel better about your own being. For instance, perhaps you often think that your friend is smarter than you in Math. Well, your friend may be intelligent when it comes to Math, but you have other qualities and potential that you should be proud of.

Each person has their own potential in different fields that they can explore and increase. That is why Howard Gardner, an American psychologist, came up with the theory of multiple intelligences. This theory proposes the differentiation of intelligence into nine different aspects. Every human being has the potential of diverse intelligences. This is why you have to take the multiple intelligences test at Quipper Campus in order to understand your own intelligence. Here are explanations on the nine intelligences developed by Howard Gardner and how it can help you in your future.

1. Linguistic intelligence

If you are curious about language and how we can use it to communicate, then you definitely have linguistic intelligence. You enjoy various activities related to language, such as reading and writing. You also like to spend your free time reading books and learning foreign languages. At college, you can consider majoring in literature or communication studies, as well as international relations and public relations. You are suitable to become a teacher, broadcaster, or journalist.

2. Logical-Mathematical intelligence

If you or your friends are good at Math, then it means that you guys have logical-mathematical intelligence. This is why you are engrossed in processing and calculating numbers. You are very curious about how things work and the correlation between cause and effect in various aspects. You can consider majoring in medicine, computer science, or mechanical engineering. Regarding career options, you have plenty, such as being a computer programmer, a doctor, or a statistical analyst.

3. Spatial intelligence

This intelligence is possessed by those who have good skills in understanding shapes and imagining spaces. You can easily read maps and determine directions. You also tend to have a photographic memory and lively imagination. If this is your strength, then you can major in architecture, civil engineering, or urban planning. Taking those majors will be suitable if you want to become an architect, an engineer, or a geologist.

4. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

This is the type of intelligence that you have if you have lots of energy for physical activities. It is way easier for you to learn something practical, instead of theoretical. You tend to exercise regularly  and spend your time outside. You may want to major in fine Arts, physiotherapy, or electronics and instrumentation engineering at college. You are also well-suited to be a professional athlete, a soldier, or a choreographer.

5. Musical intelligence

If you are interested in music, you naturally have this type of intelligence. You can easily recognize notes, rhythms, and melodies. You enjoy moments when you are singing, playing musical instruments, or just listening to music. You may want to major in musical arts, linguistics, or music education to suit your intelligence. Your career options may include being a musician, a singer, or a songwriter.

6. Interpersonal intelligence

If you feel confident in interacting with anyone, including strangers, then you have interpersonal intelligence. You can adapt yourself to various social situations and people’s personalities. You also like hanging out with other people and being a member of an organization. You may want to major in management, political science, or law at college. You are also suitable to become a manager, a social worker, or a diplomat.

7. Intrapersonal intelligence

While interpersonal intelligence refers to the ability to understand other people’s behaviors, intrapersonal intelligence refers to the skill of understanding one’s own behavior. You are very good at self-reflection if you have this type of intelligence. You enjoy your free time alone and have independence in taking actions. It would help if you considered majoring in psychology, educational counseling, and business administration. You are also well-suited to be a psychologist, a writer, or an entrepreneur.

8. Naturalist intelligence

This type of intelligence is possessed by those of you who love to interact with nature. Being in nature gives you new energy, and interest in ecological environments. You like to make a real contribution to the preservation of nature. This is why you should consider taking biology, forestry, or animal husbandry majors. You also have career options in being a biologist, a veterinarian, or an environmental activist.

9. Existential intelligence

The last type of intelligence is for those of you who are interested in the big picture of life. You basically want to find answers to questions regarding the purposes of human existence and the universe. You also tend to be invested in humanitarian issues. If these characteristics describe you, then you may want to consider majoring in philosophy, religious studies, and social welfare. You can also pursue your career as a researcher, a counselor, or a philosopher.

Those are the nine types of intelligence in the theory of multiple intelligences. Which do you think best describes yourself, Quipperian? Don’t you know that you can have more than one intelligence within yourself? So, what else are you waiting for? Try out the multiple intelligences test from Quipper Campus to find your own intelligence type and know what makes you unique. Increase your potential, only with Quipper Campus!

Author: Fadhil Ramadhani 
Editor: Fatia Qanitat

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