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7 Contoh Soal Try Out Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris 2018

7 Contoh Soal Try Out Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris 2018

Quipperian! Pastikan dirimu untuk menyiapkan diri dalam Ujian Nasional nanti, ya! Kamu harus mulai dari persiapan untuk mengikuti Try Out Ujian Nasional. Penting lho sebagai bahan persiapan kamu jauh ke depan!
Yuk simak Soal Try Out Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris untuk 2018 nanti!

Contoh Soal Ujian Nasional 2018 SMA Bahasa Inggris

The following text is for questions 1 – 3

Last holiday, my friends and I went camping on the mountain. We went to Guci, Tegal. The spot is near from our town. It is about 2 hours to get there. We choose Guci because it is not too far from settlement. We prepared everything before going on camping. The boys prepared the tents, the girls prepared the food, and I checked the accommodations. We brought cooking utensils and the food from home, clothes, camera, guitar, etc. We went there by a car and a motorcycle for unwanted condition.

We went there in the sunny morning and hoped no rain during camping. On the first day, we sat up the tent on the spot near waterfall. The girls made the fence of the area but the boys took a bath on the river. Then, we cooked the food for the lunch, had lunch together, tried to fish in the river but we got a sandal.

On the second day, we had some activities. We went on hiking up the mountain, took some pictures in tea garden, and picked strawberry. The last night of our camping was so cold, we made a campfire, sang songs together and told spooky stories which made us fear. We had camping for about three days. On the last day, we packed everything we brought. We
cleaned the area and made sure there was nothing left except our footprint. We didn’t took anything except took photos, we remembered that we must keep the nature, friendly with them and they will be friendly with us. We made a memory by taking photos together in front of a waterfall and then went home happily. We felt very tired.

1. After reading the text, what activity that wasn’t done by the girls?

A. Making fence

B. Preparing the food

C. Swimming in the river

D. Singing songs together

E. Cleaning the area before they left

2. From the text we know that they are ….

A. Nature lovers

B. Friendly campers

C. Tired backpackers

D. Careless travelers

E. Landscape photographers

3. They made a campfire … the night was so cold

A. But

B. When

C. Because

D. Therefore

E. Although



The following text is for questions 32 – 35

During the building of the Great Wall of China, there lived a husband and wife named Wan and

MengJiangnu. Wan was a scholar. One day, Wan was taken from their home and carried away to help with the building of the Great Wall. Meng, saddened by the loss of her husband, waited for news of him. Much time passed without hearing of his whereabouts.

One night in her sleep he came to her and told her he was freezing to death. She awoke and made the decision to travel to the area where she thought he was working and take him clothes she had made for him. During her journey she almost froze to death in a snow storm. A crow flew down next to her as she slept in the snow, and upon her awakening showed her how to flap her wings so she could join the crows and fly to her destination. Upon her arrival at the Great Wall she learned that her husband had died. She learned that he had been buried with many other workers in a section of the Great Wall.

She searched the wall but couldn’t locate his body. Anger arose from within her and poured out of her causing lightning to split the sky and rain to pour from the heavens washing away whole sections of the Great Wall. As the bones of the workers swirled about Meng pricked her finger and asked that her blood penetrate the bones of her husband, Wan. She located his bones and wrapped them in the clothes she had brought for him. The cruel Emperor, Qin shiHuangdi, was furious with her but taken with her beauty. The Emperor gave her a choice of coming with him or being beheaded. Meng responded by asking for three wishes: to have her husband buried in the style of a prince, to have the kingdom mourn him for 49 days, and give him a public funeral. The Emperor granted her the three wishes.

After Wan’s funeral she thanked the Emperor …and then threw herself into the sea for she could not stand thethoughts of being with the Emperor. The Emperor commanded that her body be drug from the sea, cut into pieces, and her bones ground into dust. As they threw her dust into the sea thousands of little silvery fish filled the waters. So today if you visit the Great Wall next to the Eastern Sea you and others in China will remember the story of Meng and Wan.


  1. Why did the Emperor command his soldiers to grind Meng’s bones into dust and throw it to the sea?

A.Because he felt sorry to Meng

B. Because he was a cruel Emperor

C. Because he felt betrayed by Meng

D. Because he was annoyed with Meng

E. Because he had fulfilledMeng’s wishes.

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5. What is the main idea of paragraph 2? A. Without hesitation, Weng left her house to go to the king.

B. From her dream, she understood that her husband had died.

C. In her sadness, Weng threw herself down from the top of the Great Wall.

D. After meeting her husband in her dream, Weng determined to seek for her husband.

E. Upon her awakening, Weng flapped her wings so she could join the crows and fly to her husband.


  1. What is the moral value of the story?

A person cannot change because of wealth and throne.

B. The fidelity of a wife cannot be shaken by wealth and throne.

C. Happiness and well-being always comes from wealth and throne

D. The power and the throne of a king always able to defeat anything.

E. To be able to enjoy the prosperity does not always require hard work.


7. A crow flew down next to her … she slept in the snow storm.

A. So

B. For

C. After

D. Since

E. When



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