Quipper PH co-administered internship program for Grade 12 ICT-TechVoc students

Grade 12 ICT-TechVoc Students from Paranaque National High School-Main Campus with DepEd Support Team

Quipper Philippines recently opened its doors to young would-be professionals by accommodating the internship program of Grade 12 students from one of its partner schools, Paranaque National High School-Main Campus (PNHS-Main). Composed of 52 students of Information Communications Technology from the Technical Vocational strand or ICT-TechVoc, the interns were deployed to 12 schools with Quipper Video subscription from the Department of Education (DepEd) Paranaque Division, one of Quipper Philippines’ loyal partners since 2016. Grouped into two batches, the 1st batch of student interns was deployed from January 24 to 31, 2020 to their respective school assignments, while the 2nd batch was deployed from February 4 to 14, 2020.

As this would be the first time that Quipper had an opportunity like this, preparations were made to ensure the success of the internship program. The DepEd Support Officers team led by Mr. Aaron Joshua Reyes created a module covering the basic information about Quipper and the core competencies that they need to learn throughout the course of their deployment. For their first day of internship, the student interns were trained firsthand by the Support Team on the roles they will take once they are in their assigned schools. They were also able to gain insights about Quipper’s Product team and their career paths and job opportunities as ICT students from two of our software engineers, Mr. Miguel Galace and Ms. Nina Ricci Marie Benite.

Ms. Benite and Mr. Galace from Quipper Product Team giving career insights to students

The main roles of student interns were to be “mini-support officers” for Quipper and ICT assistants in their assigned school, and they are required to render a total of 60 hours each to finish their internship. As mini-support officers, their main focus was to provide aid to the teachers and students when using Quipper. This includes reminding teachers to maximize the usage of the platform by sending assignments regularly or provide technical assistance with the computers in the laboratory. They also provide basic troubleshooting support to students whenever they use Quipper to work on their activities. With regard to their ICT skills, they practice their core competencies from their NCII(2) Computer System Servicing (CSS) Certificate, as well as different office protocols and decorum by being ICT assistants of the school. With guidance from the DepEd Support Team, Ms. Zyra Reambonanza and Ms. Jonalyn Tamayo, and supervision from their ICT Adviser, Ms. Ingrid Alde, the student interns were able to perform and deliver their tasks well.

All the hard work and efforts that the students gave paid off as positive results were observed during their internship period. There was a significant increase in the Quipper WAL (Weekly Active Learners) Usage of the schools with assigned interns and also in their Quipper WAT (Weekly Active Teachers) usage. They were also able to directly apply their learnings as ICT-TechVoc students to hands-on experiences such as setting up the computers as well as basic system and network troubleshooting. The principals of the schools involved were delighted about the improvements in their computer facility and they were immensely grateful to the technical assistance provided by the interns.
Grade 12 ICT-TechVoc student interns acting as Quipper mini support officers and ICT assistants

Because of the successful performance of this first batch of the student internship program, this paved a way to build stronger relationships with the schools from DepEd Paranaque division. As a result, Quipper has been chosen as one of the official partner institutions of PNHS-Main for their succeeding student internship programs for ICT-TechVoc students starting in October 2020. Looking forward to more opportunities to bring the best education to all corners of the world, Quipper Philippines hopes that from this experience it will expand more and eventually welcome other schools and divisions with the same initiative.

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