Quipper Scholarship Award 2020

Jakarta, 20 February 2020. The progress of a country’s higher education can be seen from how large its GER rate (gross enrollment rate). GER of a country’s higher education can be the indicator of the achievement of a country’s higher education index. In 2019, GER for higher education in Indonesia was 34%, the number is still relatively low when compared to our neighboring countries with GER reaching 38% for Malaysia and 78% for Singapore.

Various efforts have been made by The Ministry of Education, including by continuing to provide Bidikmisi scholarships and the Indonesia Smart Card (ISC) Lecture program with a budget allocation reaching Rp6.7 trillion or 1.3% of the total budget of the 2020 National Budget for Education which totals Rp508.1 Trillion.

To support the government’s program to improve the quality of human resources, educational technology platforms or as we know online tutoring, Quipper, released one of its flagship programs from QuipperCampus service called the Quipper Scholarship Award (QSA) 2020, whose registration will be officially opened online on February 18, 2020.

The awarding of this scholarship is for students throughout Indonesia with a target number of participants reaching 20,000 applicants, in collaboration with several well-known private universities in Jakarta including Bina Nusantara University (Binus), Trisakti School of Multimedia, Paramadina University, PPM School of Management, IPMI International Business School, SAE Indonesia, and the GS FAME Institute of Business, and also supported by one of the leading fintech companies, Koinworks.

To receive scholarships from the intended private universities, prospective scholarship recipients must register themselves through QuipperCampus scholarship page and choose two of the several available universities. After being declared registered, prospective students will take part in a series of selection through an online test starting from April 6-17, 2020. The category of scholarships offered from each university varies depending on the policies which have been set by the university. The types of scholarships offered include;

  • Full Scholarship Fund, get 100% college funding until graduation
  • Partial Scholarship Fund, get 20% -75% of college funding until graduation

“The Quipper Scholarship Award is expected to help students in Indonesia to seize wider opportunities to continue their studies to higher education and achieve their goals. Moreover, we also want to allow those who have not successfully passed the SBMPTN (state university entrance exam) but still want to continue their studies to private universities at affordable costs. ” said Ivonny – QuipperCampus Team Lead.

Participants who are allowed to take part in the Quipper Scholarship Award are high school students from the age range of 17-20 years, with material to be tested is the Scholastic Potential Test (SPT) and done by online test in QuipperCampus page according to the specified date. The selection and assessment process of this scholarship will be carried out during April-May 2020 and will be announced on June 12th in QuipperCampus website. Participants who passed the test with the best grades will get the LoA (Letter of Acceptance) from the University chosen at the registration period.

“Higher Education Participation Rate (HEPR) in Indonesia is only around 34.58%, which means there are around 65.42% of students who choose not to go to college because of limited costs and opportunities. Therefore, the Quipper Scholarship Award program is expected to be an alternative for high achieving students to have the opportunity to continue their studies up to university. ” said Ivonny

Through the implementation of the 2020 Quipper Scholarship Award, it is hoped that it can increase the chances to move on as college students, which are considered to be still not optimal. This is in line with the vision of Quipper, as Distributors of Wisdom who will take the role as the bridge to minimize inequality in access for a better quality of education.

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