Online learning service『Quipper』 Recognized as a recommended education service by the Indonesian government after school closures in Jakarta

Quipper, an online learning service provided by Quipper Limited (Head office: London, UK CEO: Fumihiro Yamaguchi), a subsidiary of Recruit Marketing Partners Inc. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Mio Kashiwamura), has been recognized as the government-recommended online learning service, and is being used in schools in Jakarta, Indonesia, where school closure was ordered following the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

■ Announced by the President as the recommended home-study service

Quipper is currently being used in the Philippines, Indonesia and Mexico. Offering a set of learning content, homework management, and learning situation management tools tailored to each country’s curriculum, QuipperSchool is a tutoring platform designed for school teachers. We are also running an online learning video service—QuipperVideo—which allows you to view and work on lesson videos and exercises featuring experienced instructors at a low cost, regardless of the time or your location. Utilizing Study Sapuri’s know-how (provided by Recruit Marketing Partners), we carry out filming and production locally in accordance with each country’s educational curriculum.

On March 13, the Indonesian government decided to close all schools in Jakarta following the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) around the world. The government and the Ministry of Education have recommended students to study at home. In the meantime, President Joko Widodo recognized seven online education services as government-recommended studying platforms.

To help teachers who cannot be face-to-face with students under sudden school closures, we have been providing QuipperSchool, a platform to support school teachers, as well as QuipperVideo, which offers self-learning content, free of charge through schools beginning March 17th. It allows teachers to assign homework, check the students’ learning status as part of a home learning program, as well as to communicate by sending out mass notifications or personal messages during school closures. Meanwhile, for test takers in high schools and universities, as an additional layer of support, besides letting them apply through the school, we are also offering free test preparation packs.

■Comment from Yuta Funase, Country Manager Quipper Indonesia

Launched on March 17, and currently used by 8,900 schools, 21,000 teachers and 380,000 students every day, Quipper is increasingly being used for online education in Indonesia. Providing students with the ability to stay in touch with the school was important to us, to ensure that no student was left behind. For this reason, we provide the program for free through schools. The impact of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has been extensive, which has even led to changing the university entrance exam time for the country. We will continue to support the learning environment for teachers and students in Indonesia.

■About Quipper Limited
In 2010, Quipper was founded in London, England. “Distributors of Wisdom” – We provide online learning service, aiming to realize “distribution revolution of knowledge”, that lets everyone learn what he/she wants to learn as much as he/she would like, beyond the boundaries of border and rich and poor. Since 2015 the company has joined Recruit Marketing Partners. We keep challenging so that we can to contribute to the new beginning of educational services by proposing and creating new value every day in Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Mexico.


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