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Blended learning is a huge game player in today’s education landscape. Quipper is able to provide ways for students to learn at their own pace, even when outside the four walls of the school. This tech-based tool allows learners to study with convenience aside from that, Quipper helps cut prep time in half and allows educators to focus more on hands-on assessments.
Quipper Philippines User's Testimony
Paola Cortes
Cornerstone Christian Academy
Quipper Video is an excellent way for students to learn, as it provides quality content in a manner best suited for today's learners. With the help of Quipper Video, we hope to help improve students' performance and engagement.
Quipper Philippines User's Testimony
Dr. Loreta Torrecampo
Schools Division Superintendent
City of Las Piñas
Aside from its accessibility and ability to accommodate me to learn, Quipper enables me to assess my own working skills, giving me a chance to improve my learning. The features and cool themes amaze me a lot, because I can answer my teacher’s assignment/ homework straight from it. Thanks to Quipper I became more productive not only as a student but also as an individual.
Quipper Philippines Student's Testimony
Beatrice Balde
Grade 10 Student
Makati Highschool
I personally think that having Quipper as a tool to learn along with the traditional classroom exposure is so effective for students nowadays. I am also very happy that Jego is experiencing this kind of learning process in school. As a parent, I also want thank them for allowing my son to learn at his own pace. But having Quipper is something else - he's learning faster! As a parent, I want to thank you again for the efforts you give to each and every student.
Quipper Philippines Parents' Testimony
Mich Reli-Ramos
Budding Flowers Learning Center, Inc.
Today’s students are a different breed. They are tech savvy and get easily distracted. Quipper, through technology, helps answer the learning needs of the tech savvy Generation Z. Quipper helps support effective teaching and helps the student learn and understand critical concepts.
Quipper Philippines School Administrators' Testimony
Ed Unson
San Carlos College
Quipper makes academic subjects more interesting both for students and teachers. It creates an enjoyable atmosphere for the students, making their study time fun and interesting. Using Quipper Video makes learning and teaching discussions more meaningful.
Quipper Philippines School Administrators' Testimony
Gerda Cruz
BCI Marikina

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