Quipper is launching its Teacher Q-munity – a user group devoted to teachers using Quipper!

Heads up to all Quipper teacher users in the Philippines!

Join the Quipper user group!Quipper will launch its first-ever user group for all Quipper teacher users in the Philippines.

Join and be part of the Teacher Q-munity!

The vision of the User Group:

To be the most professional and acclaimed user group for teachers and school administrators using edtech to level up education in the Philippines. 

The mission of the User Group:

The Teacher Q-munity is a self-governing/independent community supported by Quipper and its partners (through events sponsorship, providing content, resources for learning, and a platform for networking) as a safe haven (no strings attached) to network and discuss best practices and opportunities as Quipper users, and be the primary advisor or “voice of the client” for Quipper’s continuous innovation. 

By joining the Teacher Q-Munity, you can: 

  • Belong to a community of teachers and school admins who are all champions of using technology in education. 
  • Have a platform and safe space to discuss teaching strategies, suggest product improvements, and share classroom resources and best practices in using Quipper in their classrooms and institutions from Quipper users around the Philippines. 
  • Access to exclusive webinars, seminars, and workshops
  • First dibs on new Quipper product offerings, updated features, CPD webinars, and sponsored events!
  • Opportunities for professional development such as mentorship and networking.

How to join? Click here to register>>
See you there! Let’s build a Q-munity together!

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