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Quipper Video is an e-learning solution designed to:

  • Equip teachers with K-12 content and 21st century tools
  • Empower students to learn at their own pace
  • Engage parents to be more involved in their child’s learning
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Quipper Video is an e-learning solution designed to:

  • Equip teachers with K-12 content and 21st century tools
  • Empower students to learn at their own pace
  • Engage parents to be more involved in their child’s learning
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What is Quipper Video?

Why choose Quipper Video for your school?

Quipper Video is a comprehensive solution that integrates ready-made content in a learning management system to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

K-12 aligned content developed by subject matter experts

Gamified platform with powerful features for teachers, students, and parents

Ability to help improve student engagement and performance

How effective is Quipper Video?

A study conducted by the Philippine Educational Measurement & Evaluation Association showed that
Quipper Video helps:

Improve student performance in four (4) subjects

Improve student motivation, engagement, and self-regulation

Facilitate learning by its ability to mentally represent complex ideas in various ways

Ready-made, K-12-aligned content

With over 1,100 video lessons, nearly 300 study guides, and over 11,300 questions, Quipper Video is the ultimate study partner for students as they navigate through K-12.

Video lessons

Study guides


Simple yet powerful learning management system

Used by millions around the world, the Quipper platform is available online 24/7 and is constantly updated to deliver the best experience for teachers, students, and parents.

Teacher portal

Teachers can:

  • Send lessons and assessments
  • Access analytics on student performance
  • Upload their own content

Student portal

Students can:

  • Access lessons and assessments anytime
  • Enjoy a gamified learning experience
  • Repeat lessons until mastered

Parent portal

Parents can:

  • Check if their child is doing assignments
  • Monitor their child’s progress
  • Manage several children in one account
And so much more!


You don’t have to take our word for it.
Hear it straight from our satisfied clients!

Schools Division Superintendent
Dr. Loreta Torrecampo
City of Las Piñas

Quipper Video is an excellent way for students to learn, as it provides quality content in a manner best suited for today's learners. With the help of Quipper Video, we hope to help improve students' performance and engagement.

Ed Unson
San Carlos College

Today’s students are a different breed. They are tech savvy and get easily distracted. Quipper, through technology, helps answer the learning needs of the tech savvy Generation Z. Quipper helps support effective teaching and helps the student learn and understand critical concepts.

Gerda Cruz
BCI Marikina

Quipper makes academic subjects more interesting both for students and teachers. It creates an enjoyable atmosphere for the students, making their study time fun and interesting. Using Quipper Video makes learning and teaching discussions more meaningful.

Paola Cortes
Cornerstone Christian Academy

Blended learning is a huge game player in today's education landscape. Quipper is able to provide ways for students to learn at their own pace, even when outside the four walls of the school. This tech-based tool allows learners to study with convenience. Aside from that, Quipper helps cut prep time in half and allows educators to focus more on hands-on assessments.

Mich Reli-Ramos
Budding Flowers Learning Center, Inc.

I personally think that having Quipper as a tool to learn along with the traditional classroom exposure is so effective for students nowadays. I am also very happy that Jego is experiencing this kind of learning process in school. As a parent, I also want thank them for allowing my son to learn at his own pace. But having Quipper is something else - he's learning faster! As a parent, I want to thank you again for the efforts you give to each and every student.

More testimonials coming soon!


Will Quipper Video replace teachers in the classroom?

Definitely not! The videos were made to allow teachers to have more time for discussions, activities, and student interaction during class. Plus, the real-time analytics will go a long way in helping teachers tailor their lessons and method of instruction to suit students’ individual needs and learning paces.

Why would we need Quipper Video when we already have textbooks?

When you subscribe to Quipper Video, you get not only video lessons, but also study guides and assessments. The cost of these combined resources makes Quipper Video a cheaper alternative to textbooks. Not only that, but Quipper Video can also be more engaging for students. Lastly, results of a study conducted by the Philippine Educational Measurement & Evaluation Association say that “Students' performance in the subject areas (English, Math, Science, and Filipino for grades 10 and 11) significantly increased after watching the Quipper videos. The test scores in the different subject areas were also significantly higher for the group that went through Quipper videos as compared to the groups that did not.”

Why should we subscribe to video lessons when there are a lot of free videos online?

The internet may be filled with millions of videos, but there are three things to ask yourself:

  • Are you assured of their quality? Quipper Video lessons are created and conducted by educators from some of the Philippines’ top institutions.
  • Is the content localized? Quipper Video lessons are aligned with the DepEd’s K-12 curriculum, use local examples, and were created with the Filipino student in mind.
  • Is it comprehensive? Quipper has developed videos for all the topics of the core subjects of grade 10 and senior high school. Teachers won’t need to sift through the thousands of videos online to find the right ones to use in class. Going beyond videos, Quipper Video also provides study guides to accompany the videos, and quizzes at the end of each lesson to gauge what students learned.

Why should students learn with videos?

With videos, students can pause, rewind, and fast forward to the most relevant parts. And in case they’re too shy to ask questions in class, they can find the answers in the video lessons. They can also study at their own time and pace. Lastly, for a lot of students, videos are more engaging and easier to process than text.

How can we integrate Quipper Video in teaching?

Teachers can use Quipper Video in multiple ways.

  • Creating a flipped classroom environment - By having students view lessons at home, teachers can use class time to facilitate discussions and activities about what students learned in the video, and thus maximize teacher-student interaction in the classroom.
  • In-school use - Whether used inside classrooms or computer rooms, our video lessons help teachers deliver their lectures better since students can visualize the topics clearly with the help of illustrations and animation.
  • As a learning resource - Teachers can use the videos and study guides to better understand and deliver the lessons.

Can we package Quipper Video as if it was our own?

Absolutely! Our white label service allows you to brand the Quipper platform as your own. We can customize the background with your school colors and insert your logo. You can even include your own content.