9 Contoh Soal Report Text dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Langganan Ujian Nasional

Quipperian! Banyak soal-soal dalam Bahasa Inggris yang sering muncul dalam Ujian Nasional. Salah satunya Soal Report Text. Banyak sekali beragam soal Report Text yang muncul setiap Ujian Nasional berlangsung dari tahun ke tahun.

Yuk persiapkan dirimu untuk menghadapi Soal Report text dengan soal-soal di bawah ini!

5 Contoh Soal Report Text dan Jawaban Yang Mudah Dipahami!

Read the text to answer questions 1 to 3.

The sugar glider is a marsupial, just like the many other Australian animals – the kangaroo, the koala and the wombat for instance. The sugar glider is a possum – very similar to the tupai in Indonesia. It basically lives in trees. It eats leaves and fruit. However, the Australian sugar glider has a very special skill. It can jump from tree to tree like a tupai but it can also `sort of fly’ as well. In fact, it glides or terbang layang in Bahasa Indonesia. When it jumps from one tree to another it spreads its four legs out wide; and its extra skin also spreads out and functions like a parachute.

1. What does the text tell us about?…

A.  The kangaroo 

B.  The koala

C.  The wombat

D.  The sugar glider

2. Why can the sugar glider glide from tree to tree?

A.  It can spread its four legs and skin out wide

B.  It is very similar to the squirrels in Indonesia

C.  It basically lives in trees

D.  It eats leaves and fruit

3.“….. it spreads its four legs out wide ……” The word made bold means…

A.  executes

B.  exceeds

C.  extends

D.  examines


Read the text to answer questions 4 to 6.

The largest meat-eating animal in the world is the brown bear that lives in Alaska. “Brownie”, as this bear is called, will always keep away from people. But, be careful if it is wounded with a gun or the mother bear and her cubs are shocked. Some hunters claim the brown bear can outfight a tiger. 

A grown brownie may be up to nine feet tall. It may weigh over 1,600 pounds. But home when the brown bear is born, it weighs less than one pound. If you grew at the same rate, you would weigh almost 10,000 pounds when you were fully grown!

4. What does the text mostly tell about?

A.  Brown bears

B.  Strong hunters

C.  Fighting tigers

D.  Alaska people

5. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?

A.  A brown bear eats meat

B.  Brown bears can beat a tiger

C.  Brownie will keep away when it sees people

D.  Brown bears are tame animals

6. “But if it is wounded with a gun or if the mother bear and her cubs are shocked,…” (line 3)
What does the underlined word mean?

A.  Male bears

B.  Baby bears

C.  Group of bears

D.  Other bears

Kuasai Bahasa Inggris dengan Belajar Contoh Soal Report Text dan Jawaban Ini

Read the text and answer questions 7-9



Dinosaurs were a type of lizards. They lived from about 230 million to about 65 million years ago. In 1842, Sir Richard Owen created the word dinosaur. It came from Greek words deinos, meaning “terrible” and sauros, meaning “lizard”. Dinosaurs lived on earth for about 140 million years.

During the dinosaurian era, the days were short. The sun was not as hot as it is today. On earth there was only one big continent and one big ocean. The name of the continent was pangea (all lands) and the name of the ocean was panthallassa (all seas).

There were many kinds of dinosaurs. Some of them were very big and some others were small. Some dinosaurs ate leaves and some others ate meat. Some dinosaurs could fly.
What happened to dinosaurs? Dinosaurs became extinct because there was a large comet hitting the earth. The comet caused fire and it killed the trees. Dinosaurs could not eat because there were no trees on earth and finally they died and became extinct.


7. What were the days like during the dinosaurian era?

A.  Long

B.  Cold

C.  Warm

D.  Short

8. What is the main idea of paragraph 3?

A.  There were many kinds of dinosaurs

B.  Some dinosaurs could fly in the sky

C.  Many dinosaurs were small in form

D.  Dinosaurs ate leaves and meat

9. The writer wrote the text …

A.  to describe what the dinosaurs look like

B.  to show the steps how to measure dinosaurs

C.  to inform people about dinosaurs and their lives

D.  to amuse people by showing the dinosaurs’ power



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