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Jakarta, July 28 2016, 71 years since independence, Indonesia has been dedicated in embracing its freedom and implementing it in the lives of its people in all aspects. Although many criticizes its path, the government has not slowed their pace in developing the country, and the improvements we see today deserves recognition.

One of the government’s focus has been education. Every year, the Indonesian government enacts 20% of the State Budget to the education sector as referred to in the Constitution of Indonesia, UUD 1945, Article 31, Paragraph 4. In 2016, the nation’s budget for education has reached Rp 419,2 trillion. This fund is expected to improve educational infrastructure in remote areas, improve teachers’ and professionals’ welfare, and assist students with financial issues in order to provide equal and well-distributed education across the nation.

Geographical challenge is another main concern of education discrepancy our country as an archipelago country. However, relying solely on the development efforts of the government has not been enough to tackle this issue. Indonesia also needs active contribution from private sectors, especially those that utilize technology innovation, to solve education inequality in this digital era.

Global education technology company Quipper has come to Indonesia with the same vision. Masayuki Watanabe, founder and CEO of Quipper, aims to become the distributor of wisdom, believing the best education system and well-qualified teachers should be accessed not only by children in developed countries or major cities, but also by those in developing countries and remote areas.

In 2014, Quipper Indonesia launched Quipper School, a free online platform with various types of assignments for teachers and students to make learning fun and entertaining. Quipper School has gained almost 2 million active students, 200,000 teachers, and reached 22,000 schools in Indonesia. In the following year, Quipper launched its newest product, Quipper Video, a solution for students to study online at an affordable price, providing the opportunity to learn anywhere, at any time, with high quality materials delivered by the best teachers.

“One year after the launch, Quipper Video has helped students across Indonesia to prepare for the national examination (UN) and the university examination (SBMPTN),” says Tri Nuraini, Marketing Manager of Quipper Indonesia. “58% of Quipper Video users passed UN 2016 with grades above 400, and 44% have been accepted at the top public universities (PTN).”

Today, the world’s largest archipelago country is facing a challenge that must be taken forward with all stakeholders. Education discrepancy could result in severe consequences in the decades to follow, but the accessibility to high quality education is a solution Quipper Indonesia has to offer.

Quipper officially operates in 12 locations in Indonesia; Jabodetabek, Medan, Palembang, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Makassar, Manado and Balikpapan. Their strategy behind the expansion aims to reach underdeveloped regions in those cities.

In order to accomplish education equality using digital technology, Indonesia will also need support in the field of telecommunications. Under one vision, the government, with Quipper and telecom companies, shall cooperate for the advancement of Indonesia’s education and future.


About Quipper, Ltd.

Quipper Video is e-learning solution for students of nine grade until twelve grade, developed by Quipper, Ltd. in 2010, a technology company whose main office is in London. Carries the motto “Distributors of Wisdom” Quipper shares its concerns and cares towards the education and believes in its mission of enabling every student anywhere, including Indonesia to obtain optimal access to education as well as to the education materials which they learn at school. Quipper, Ltd operates in five countries, with representative offices available in Tokyo, Manila, Mexico City and Jakarta with 400 staffs who share the same enthusiasm in expanding digital-based education materials. Quipper Video launched in Indonesia in 2015, as the first market of the e-learning solution developed by Quipper, Ltd.

Quipper, Ltd previously has developed and introduced Quipper School in Indonesia in 2014, it is a free online platform which allows teachers and students to exchange school tasks and homeworks through a convenient method. Quipper School has attracted more than one million users. Quipper School and Quipper Video are breakthrough in education field and expectedly can assist the teaching and learning process in Indonesia effectively.

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Tri Nuraini   

Marketing Manager Quipper, Ltd.


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PR Strategist



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