Let’s Handle Your Academic Stress Properly

Quipperian, how are you doing? I hope you are doing great, especially when it comes to your academic life. However, do you often feel stressed out by your school work? Please don’t worry about it! A lot of other teenagers also get troubled by their school assignments, so it is only natural if you feel like it. Quipper Campus is here to help you solve your academic stress.

Academic stress is a condition that is usually caused by a person’s assessment of their success in the academic field. It frequently happens when a person is worried about the outcomes of their study, especially regarding the possibility of failures. Even though it is called academic stress, the cause does not only come from school’s lessons or teachers, but it can also be caused by demands from your family and peers. It may also stem from your worries about the future, about where to go to college, which major is suitable, and what you will do after you graduate.

Whether you realize it or not, academic stress can be quite harmful as it can have a negative impact on your achievements, self-confidence, and success in getting your future goals. When the stress has become too much, it can even hinder you from learning. This is why you have to know the possible causes of your academic stress so that you can act accordingly to solve it. I will also give you the tips to relieve your stress based on each cause. Let’s check it out!

Tips to Relieve Your Stress Based on Each Cause

1. Heavy academic load

The most dominant cause for academic stress is the school assignments and exams that you have to prepare for. These things cause you to worry about your school performance and whether you can get good grades or not. The additional homework may also make you more depressed and feel that you do not have enough time to rest, socialize, or enjoy your hobbies.

If you think this is the reason for your academic stress, you should spend about ten minutes between each study session to do the activities that you enjoy, such as listening to music or painting. Giving a pause like this will give you a sense of calmness and make you feel refreshed. Moreover, you can make a daily schedule to help monitor and plan your tasks. If those activities do not work, you can always ask your parents to help you manage your assignments. Forming a study group with your friends may also help you.

2. Pressure from family

Another cause for academic stress can also come from your own family. Family pressure and expectations can make you feel uncomfortable, even though they may actually mean well. This condition can unknowingly affect your efforts and assessment of your achievements in the academic field. Parents may not understand that their expectations and support can become a burden on your learning process.

If you feel like your stress is coming from your family, you have to convey what you feel to them. If done in a good way, you might be able to negotiate and understand more what your parents expect of you. This habit of speaking openly when there are difficulties can greatly help you to overcome the problems that you are facing. It is also possible to have a counseling teacher to help become a mediator in the communication with your parents.

3. Interaction with classmates

The feeling of discomfort may also arise from your relationship with your classmates. You may find yourself in a competition or have disputes with them. These things will make you reluctant in getting involved with the class, or even just asking questions and expressing opinions. If this goes on for a long time, it can be a source of stress that has an impact on your study. You can be less eager to learn and do other things, which may further disturb your interaction with your classmates.

If you have issues with some of your classmates, you need to look for friends who actually support and motivate you in studying. This will help you set your own academic targets and decide what is your priority in a classroom. You need to understand that every single one of your classmates has a different character. You have to accept the weaknesses and strengths that lie within each person, including yourself.

4. Problems related to the future

Much of your stress can come from your worries and hopes for the future, either about the university majors you want to go to or whether you will succeed in your career. These are valid questions to ask for yourself, Quipperian, but your continual worry about the future may make it difficult to focus on your life right now. It can be a dangerous source of anxiety because we do not know what the future has in store for us. We can only focus on our current targets because if you cannot make it through the present, it will certainly be difficult for you to move into the future.

If your worries about the future are the cause of your stress, you need to find a role model who impresses and inspires you. That person can help you in shaping your life and deciding what steps to take next. Doing simple research about the majors and universities that you want, as well as possible career options can make you feel less stressed. The Quipper Campus website already provides all of this information that you need to guide your future.

Academic stress can be an insidious thing if you keep it to yourself. This is why you need to find out what the source of your stress is. It may be caused by your academic load, your family’s pressure, your relationship with your classmates, or your own worries about the future. Find the true cause of your academic stress by taking the academic stress cause factor test in Quipper Campus. Then, you can act accordingly to relieve your stress based on its actual cause. Let’s be less stressed out this semester, Quipperian!

Author: Fadhil Ramadhani
Editor: Tubagus Muhammad Septian Putra

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