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Have a Great New Year With a New You!

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Happy new year, Quipperian! How are you doing so far this year? Are you feeling happy? Or perhaps, are you anxious about what is coming in the next 12 months? Feeling worried about what the future holds in store for you is perfectly alright, but you have to keep on believing in yourself. Have the right mindset with which you can become a better individual in 2023! How? Well, you can start by knowing your own style of decision making.

Decision making is essential in our life, Quipperian. Why? Because life itself is all about the choices that you make. Your current situation is the result of your past decisions, while your future condition will be the outcome of your current choices. Thus, it is important to be able to decide wisely so that it can lead you to the goals that you want to achieve. If you tend to be confused when making decisions, then you have to understand your personal characteristics in doing so.

Four Types of Decision-making Styles

Don’t you know that you have your own tendency or approach to decision making? This will in turn shape your life! That is why this article will help you get to know the four types of decision-making styles. They are as follows.

1. Directive

If you immediately take actions and do not waste your time analyzing options, then you are a directive decision maker. You tend to base your decisions on experiences, so it is very easy to deal with repetitive situations. However, directive people like you tend to have difficulty making decisions for new situations that they have never faced before. You want to have clarity and certainty, so you avoid speculation or risks that might arise from taking new, unproven decisions. While you are confident in the decisions you make on your own, you are not very interested in listening to other people’s input, especially those who have different views from you.

To be a better decision maker in 2023, directive people should consider information about the issue more attentively before making decisions. Of course you do not want your decisions to harm other people, right, Quipperian? That is why you should also be more open in accepting suggestions from other parties to help you make the best decisions.

2. Analytic

If you are very careful when making decisions, then you are an analytic decision maker. You tend to be worried about making the wrong decisions and become uncomfortable when you have to make a quick decision. You always have to analyze all the data and information for each choice before deciding. Thus, it takes a long time for you to make a choice. Analytic decision makers enjoy new, uncertain situations that present them with difficult choices.

In order to improve yourself as an analytic person, you have to determine a deadline for how long you need to analyze existing data before making a decision. Surely, you do not want your choice to drag on and hurt you, so involving other people to jointly analyze information may be beneficial for you. You also have to practice trusting your intuition and base your decisions on past experience.

3. Conceptual

If you are open to new ways and dare to take risks, then you are a conceptual decision maker. You have the vision to make long-term decisions, but you are less quick when determining short-term action plans that must be implemented immediately. Conceptual people tend to have original and different ideas. However, they lack the drive to take concrete actions because they enjoy thinking and planning more than acting. The good thing is that you are willing and eager to engage other people and consider their opinions in discussion.

To become a better conceptual decision maker, you need to practice acting to actually carry out the decisions that you have made to the very end. It would also be good to have a coherent and clear action plan, so that your decisions can be implemented properly. Moreover, you may enrich your horizons by being open to new experiences and challenging yourself not to give up when faced with difficult situations.

4. Behavioral

If you care about the impact of your decisions on others, it means that you are a behavioral decision maker. For you, group interests are more important than personal interests, so you try hard to always maintain good relationships with all parties. Therefore, you feel that you always need input and suggestions from others before making a decision. You will always try to please everyone with your decisions by accommodating each of their interests. That way, you feel satisfied and that you make the best choices.

If you want to improve in being a behavioral decision maker, you must be more confident in making personal decisions without depending on others. Do not let yourself be easily influenced by other people’s different opinions just because you want to please everyone. Your communication skills can be developed as well by convincing people to accept the personal decisions you make, so as not to cause conflicts.

So, Quipperian, what are you waiting for? Let’s become a better person in 2023 by getting to know your decision making style first! Find your style by taking the decision making test in Quipper Campus. Make the choice to take the test to have a better understanding of yourself, so you can decide your way into an improved life.

Author: Fadhil Ramadhani
Editor: Tubagus Muhammad Septian Putra

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