What You Will Be in the Next Five Years

“What will I be in the next 5 years?” This question may have popped in your head recently, Quipperian. It is perfectly normal for teenagers like you to think about what the future has in store. You may wonder about what major you will take at college or even what career you want to pursue. These are all questions that Quipper Campus can help answer through our aptitude test!

The aptitude test in Quipper Campus utilizes the RIASEC framework that can help you make future career plans. Although the RIASEC measurement tool was first developed in 1959 by Dr. John Holland, an American psychologist, the test is still very relevant nowadays. This is because the test could help find out the most suitable and compatible career for a person based on several tendencies, including interests, talents, abilities, and personality. By knowing your dominant personality type, you can predict what type of career will make you most comfortable and optimal at work. It can also see your suitability with the college major you want to take.

What does RIASEC actually stand for? It stands for each personality type that is described as follows:


This personality type is very practical and skilled at using equipment and machines. People with a realistic personality are said to like raising animals and growing plants. They like to focus on jobs that are somewhat complicated and require precision. They are not too happy to participate in activities that require collaboration with many people. Moreover, paperwork may seem uninteresting for them, which they most likely will put aside. Careers that match realistic personalities include architect, programmer, dentist, doctor, scientist, and engineer.


Investigative personalities find pleasure in hunting down facts based on scientific theories, ideas, or thoughts. There is no wonder that people with investigative personalities see themselves as intellectuals. They are highly skilled in solving mathematical problems and have a high curiosity, but they do not like physical activities or managerial positions. Investigative people also avoid activities that require interactions with other people, such as sales and marketing. Careers that suit this personality type include lawyer, website developer, and psychologist, as well as work in the field of health sciences field and information technology.


Art forms, such as music, design, literature, and drama, are what energizes people with artistic personalities. They enjoy work that highly involves creativity and can be done freely without following rules. Therefore, artistic people express themselves through the art they create. They see themselves as original and independent individuals that are sensitive to feelings. Artistic people are suitable to work as fashion designers, makeup artists, musicians, and photographers.


This personality type likes activities that help and benefit others. They also love to interact with many people, while educating and establishing good relationships with the surrounding community and environment. They tend to be easy-going, friendly, and kind. They can control their emotions well. This is why social people are suggested to be teachers or trainers, as well as to work in service or public administration.


Enterprising people like to be a leader who influences others. They are very good at negotiating and conveying ideas. They also tend to be passionate and ambitious when it comes to working on a business project. While they are adept at making decisions and taking risks, they also avoid discussing technical matters. People with this personality are suggested to work in business or management, as well as pursuing careers as entrepreneurs or producers.


Conventional people like to deal with administrative matters, analyze data, and work based on established routines. They work according to existing standards and obey the rules. They tend to be orderly, neat, disciplined, and planned. Careers that match this type of personality include working in finance, manufacture, and logistics.

RIASEC personalities that you get from the test results will better inform you in finding and planning for the most suitable career. For those of you who do not have a clear picture of the career you want, you can also look at the majors that suit your personality. No need to worry because each major also has various career opportunities!

Take the aptitude test in Quipper Campus to get to know your personality type and get a deeper insight into your career and major recommendations. You can also find out more about possible future careers on our Careers page where you can get an overview of many careers, including their income range, career paths, minimum education level, and other important information. Moreover, you can find in-depth information about majors on our Majors page to get descriptions of the majors, career opportunities, recommended campuses, and many others. Hope you find the best choice for your future, Quipperian!

Penulis: Fadhil Ramadhani
Editor: Tubagus Muhammad Septian Putra

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