Catet! Kisi-Kisi SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris

Quiperian, untuk kamu yang akan menghadapi SBMPTN, pasti kamu tahu bahwa Bahasa Inggris juga menjadi salah satu mata uji kan? Ya, dalam SBMPTN, kamu akan menemui Ujian Tertulis, Quipperian. Nah, pada Ujian Tertulis tersebut, terdapat 15 soal Bahasa Inggris. Supaya kamu lebih siap dalam menghadapi soal Bahasa Inggris di SBMPTN, Quipper Video akan memberi informasi yang perlu kamu tahu, antara lain:

Bentuk soal Bahasa Inggris dalam SBMPTN

Biasanya, soal Bahasa Inggris di SBMPTN berbentuk pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang mengacu pada Reading Passage. Memang tidak berbeda jauh dengan soal-soal Bahasa Inggris di ujian nasional, Quipperian. Di SBMPTN, kamu akan menemui 15 soal yang menanyakan ide pokok paragraf, kesimpulan, atau tujuan dari teks bacaan. Bisa juga ditemukan pertanyaan mengenai makna dari sebuah kata dalam paragraf, sinonim, sampai antonimnya, Quipperian.

Contoh soal Bahasa Inggris dalam SBMPTN


At the point when purchasing a house, you must make sure to have it checked for termites. A termite is much like an burrowing little creature in its mutual propensities, albeit physically the two creepy crawlies are unmistakable. Like those ants, termite states comprise of diverse classes, each with its own specific occupation. The most impeccably shaped termites, both male and female, make up the gainful class. They have eyes, hard body dividers and completely created wings. A couple of conceptive termites establishes the province. At the point when new conceptive termites create, they leave to shape another province. They utilize their wings just this on time and after that sever them. The specialist termites are little, dazzle and wingless, with delicate bodies. They make up the dominant part of the province and do all the work. Troopers are eyeless and wingless however are bigger than the specialists what’s more, have hard heads and solid jaws and legs. They shield the state and are tended to by the specialists. The male and female of the conceptive class stay inside a shut in cell when the female lays a great many eggs. The laborers put the eggs in cell and look after them. Regardless of the possibility that one province is dealt with with toxic substance, if a male and female of the regenerative class escape, they can shape another province. Bug control organizations can examine a house for infestation of termites. Regularly, of layman can not spot the confirmation, so it is discriminating to have the supposition of a profesional. Medicines change contingent on the sort of termite.

Persiapan Penting Setelah Kamu Lulus SBMPTN!

  1. How are termites like ants?
  2. They live in groups, and every class has a particular obligation
  3. Their bodies are the same shape
  4. The lord and ruler are detained
  5. The females’ regenerative limits are the same
  6. Which of the accompanying is not genuine?
  7. All termites have eyes
  8. A few termites can’t fly
  9. Laborers are littler than fighters
  10. Termites don’t fly frequently
  11. Which of the accompanying articulations is likely genuine?
  12. A huge number of termites may move together to build up another settlement
  13. The male and female generations don’t wander outside with the exception of

to frame another settlement.

  1. There are a bigger number of troopers than laborers
  2. A specialist could without much of a stretch execute a fighter
  3. “Establishes” in line 6 is closest in intending to
  4. Sets up
  5. Pulverizes
  6. Control
  7. Protects
  8. Which of the accompanying would be the best title for this section?
  9. Termites Destroy Houses
  10. Termites Work Well Together
  11. The Habits and Physical Characteristics of Termites
  12. The relationship of Soldier and Worker Termites


Cassava is the staple food of millions of people in Africa, Asia and South and Central America its swollen tuberous root can be boiled and mashed or grated to produce a meal known as ‘farinha’ in Brazil and ‘garri’ in Nigeria, which can be cooked in small cakes. The root is also the source of the manufactured commodity, tapioca, a small field planted with cassava can be insurance against famine, because the crop can be left in the ground for two or three ears without deterioration of the tubers. But recent findings suggests that cassava may be responsible for birth defects. It has other serious disadvantages. The tubers consist almost entirely of starch and are particularly low in protein, so dependence on cassava leads to serious malnutrition. To make matters worse, some varieties, when grown under certain conditions of soil and climate, develop a high acid content and become extremely poisonous to people and livestock if eaten raw. These tubers have to be well-prepared for consumption by prolonged and repeated boiling. The new danger has emerged over the past few years in Nigeria. Doctors have begun to suspect that cassava, if eaten in large amounts during pregnancy, may cause deformities in the developing fate, there appears to be a correlation between the eating of cassava by pregnant women and the occurrence of various kinds of brain or other neuronal malformations in their babies.

  1. the topic of the text is…
  2. Cassava, the source of various kinds of meals
  3. the advantages and disadvantages of cassava
  4. Characteristics of people consuming cassava
  5. the staple food of people in developing countries
  6. Malnutrition, the effect of eating cassava
  7. People can rely on cassava in times of famine because…
  8. cassava can grow in any climate through out the year
  9. the tubers can last for more than one years as long as they are not pulled out
  10. Characteristics of people consuming cassava
  11. it is the most important food in many parts of the world
  12. it can be stored for a long time without being rotten
  13. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?
  14. Farinha and garri are other names for cassava
  15. Being low in protein, cassava may cause malnutrition
  16. Some cassavas should not be eaten because they are poisonous
  17. People consuming only cassava for long periods of time may endanger their health
  18. Particular conditions of soil and climate can make cassava poisonous
  19. it is likely that doctors will advise pregnant women not to eat too much cassava for fear that….
  20. they will be deformed
  21. the flutes will not develop
  22. their bodies will become crippled
  23. their babies’ blood will be poisoned
  24. their babies may have malformed brains
  25. We may conclude that the writer….
  26. suggests that cassava is a good alternative for staple foods
  27. wants to tell people to stop eating cassava
  28. shows how people in developing countries live
  29. warns the readers of the danger of consuming too much cassava
  30. explains the effect of food shortages in developing countries


Setelah tahu bentuk dan contoh soal Bahasa Inggris di SBMPTN, kamu lebih mudah dalam mempersiapkan diri kan, Quipperian? Semoga informasi tersebut bermanfaat untuk kamu ya. Selamat belajar!

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